Friday, June 30, 2006

Heaven in the morning

Yes, I've seen "Field of Dreams". No, I didn't like it. Sorry. Anything that is so blatantly in-your-face drooling sentimental tug-on-your-heartstrings drivel makes me cringe (yes, I'll still cry, but it pisses me off). But there are days when Iowa does feel like heaven... especially in the morning.

To wit, around 5:45 this fine Friday morn, Gus and I went out back (the fence is, by and large, DONE). He did his usual route of watering the bachelors' buttons, the zebra grass, the hostas... I raked up some twigs from the lilac trees, snipped a few suckers off, checked to see if anyone had been gnawing on my basil again and went in to make coffee.

For a change, the dishes were done. Most times, when I cook, I leave everything to clean up in the morning. But I was feeling uber efficient last night, I guess. And part one of my eggplant parmisan is done: the sauce. Usually when I make this dish, it takes forever and I end up skimping on the necessary labor to make the perfect sauce and wind up with a passable quick 'n dirty one. Last night I took the time to finely dice my onions, carrots and celery... the mirepoix, the basis of flavor. I took the time to simmer it for an hour or so, to let the flavors marry and the sauce thicken. And tonight, the eggplant will be done to perfection. Panko is my friend.

Anyway, with the dishes being done, it was almost as if I had an extra recess or something. Y'know that feeling? So I went out front with my coffee. As I was watering the ageratum, two young girls walked by and gave me a cheery "Good morning!" One girl was carrying a helium balloon that had no string. She commented on how pretty the lillies were. The other girl just smiled, and they giggled as young girls are wont to do, and continued down the road. It was 6:30. I know this because neighbor/friend Mark and his dog, Brodie, were just leaving for work and you could almost set your clock on them.

The birds are chirping, as are a few errant crickets. The sun is shining, the coffee is strong and black, and it's payday. Before a long weekend. Does it really get any better? It's days like these that I look forward to looking back.

I love this entry. Puttering, cooking, puttering, coffee. This is what makes me happy too. I love your site!
Wow... thanks! I tend to think most people find my posts a little *boring*, not at all thought-provoking. But I surely do appreciate your kind words! Frankly, I think your site is hysterical.
Actually, I loved your post too. You set such a mood I could almost feel myself there! However, I am sitting in New York sipping my own coffee, enjoying the early morning with Ally da Pup by my side. We are about to go take a walk and enjoy the sights.


Sometimes the simple things are the best.
I concur wholeheartedly about the simple things. Life can be so complex, that it takes the basics for us to be able to appreciate the countless blessings we all have. (And I soooo did not intend for that to come across as anything other than a very simple statement... y'know, not religious or anything... Ok, I need more coffee.)
Keep up the good work »
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