Friday, June 09, 2006

I always dreamed of a white picket fence

I guess I didn't mention the fence is of the white picket variety. Therefore, there is no way Gus could squeeze through, what with his giant poog boob 'n all. Anyway, looka here at this picture. See that small section of pickets? Now see that line where the rails are up? All those pickets are now screwed on, too.

So, let me point out more stuff. Check out the white blooms in the right foreground. Those are from one of three of the Japanese Tree Lilacs that live in my yard. They're not only beautiful, but those blooms are incredible... yes, they smell like lilacs.

Now then, see that whole sunny part of the yard? That's a chunk directly behind my neighbors' garage where my garden will go. I'll be putting in some tomatoes and basil late this year, but better late than never. Next year, that entire area will be tilled up and sprouting stuff. So yeah, the yard shape is a little odd. You'd be very hard pressed to find a 'normal' lot in this neighborhood. That back line of posts (to the far left) meet up with the sixth side of the yard at probably a 115 degree angle.

In fact, here's a pic of the sixth side. Up to the left is where the fence connects to my shed. And yep, that's one of the lilac trees. All I can say is: I hope Gus appreciates all the hard work people have put/will put into the building of his fence. What can I say? My friends rock. And, in case I haven't said it enough, I APPRECIATE EVERYTHING MY FRIENDS HAVE DONE TO MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

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