Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Just an aside...

As most of you know, I work for an architect. This morning I had to go to a construction meeting in his stead. Let me just say this: sexist cocksucking contractors can kiss my ass. From the snide "What are you doing here?" to the condescending "Well you can take the meeting notes."

My responses: "Same as you." and "Bullshit. I'm not doing your job for you."

I did not make any friends today.

As a disclaimer, most of the guys there were fine. It was only two guys I wanted to rouchambeau. And rouchambeau hard.

applauds wildly. you made a friend in me, girl!
Weird. I hang with contractors all the time and never get that sexist shit. Usually they're really cool about chicks.
Mayhaps because Brett would kick the shit outta them? Seriously, in my biz, I deal with them every day and don't get that... it was just at the construction meeting.
Well good for you. I suppose those construction workers do not think you are a lesbian like your neighbors who happen to make great cake. Fuck'em.
lol good for you kiddo!
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