Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Here's a picture of my very fat cat, Rufus:

A wee bit prissy without an ounce of pretension. He must weigh nigh on 20 pounds, and he is Gus' favorite toy. Mostly because he can't run away. Very fast anyway.
I should have named him Jeeves.

Here's Felix:
There's a whole lotta sass in that little feline body. This may be an awful thing to say, but of the two, he's my favorite. In fact, he was the only one I was going to take home, but my mom convinced me that it was more humane to take two. I will never listen to my mom again. I'm a critter lover, but I don't particularly need three.

hm, maybe the fat cat is overeating to compensate. he may sense that you love the other cat more!

i had a cat, pumpkin, who i loved very, very much. she was my favorite, so i totally understand.(altho, she was also the fattest cat, so my theory above is just hot air!)
M... I think he eats so much because he wants to be big and strong like das poog!
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