Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Apologies to all for not stopping by in recent days. Seems my life is in a bit of an upheaval, albeit a good one. You see, Coots got herself a new ding dang job. And the speed with which this has happened is somewhat mind-blowing.

It's big change, a step up and I feel completely overwhelmed. The next few weeks I'm going to be doing my best to help my current boss get the business end of architecture more user friendly for whomever he hires. I'll probably be working for him even after I start my new position.

Anyway, iffen you don't see me slip-slidin' through cyber-space, know I'm thinking about y'all and I'll try to pop in now and again. Have a cold beer waiting, 'kay?

Long as you don't mind the beer being Coors Light, you're on.

Do not slam the Julie, the Coors Light is economical and fits my budget.
Oh evil one... if you'd switch it to regular ol' "Kerrs", we'd have a winnah! So since Coors is the brand of beer what lives in MY fridge, I'll not be slammin' the Julie. Except to say that light beer sucks.
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