Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Oh bother...

Well, I'd love to be able to write an exciting post about how just how fanFRIKKINtastic my weekend was... unfortunately, yours truly (that would be me) came down with a gnasty little sinus infection. Working at the bar on Saturday probably wasn't my wisest move, in retrospect. Sunday came, I rolled outta bed and... I felt *off*. Really off. Then Gus went after Felix and when I went to call him off, no voice. Huh? Crap. What's a gal without her voice? I had responsibilities that day, dammit! I had plans! Fun plans! It was all a no-go.

Now, I don't know how most of you deal with your own self when you're sick. But I get horribly whiney. Like a little kid who wants candy for breakfast and can't have it. It ain't purty. It's that psychological thing: if you can't have/do something, you desire/want to do it all the more. And Sunday I really WANTED to work in my yard. My boss had given me a load of flagstone that was going to manifest itself into a path from the front door to the driveway. The lawn needed mowing. The side walkway needed edging. I wanted to clean up the detritus from our fence-making project. (Yes, this stuff is fun to me as a first time homeowner). But I was logey and feeling lopsided. Not fun. And that night, some friends of mine and I had volunteered to serve dinner at the homeless shelter. Also fun. So my Sunday went from a day full of stuff to a day where there was only one thing I had to get done: make scalloped potatoes for 40 people.

Ok, then. Threw myself into that one, but once it was done and they were cooking away in the roaster, I was bored. What to do? It was ungodly hot by that time (2:00) as the heat wave most of us have been experiencing was still upon us. But I didn't feel like doing housework. So I mowed the yard. Then I weeded my flower beds. And then? I proceeded to feel even shittier. It was an early night for this girl.

Monday. Now Monday was an adventure. Still no voice and I had thought about calling in sick. But there were a few things that needed to get out, so in I schlepped. Turns out it was probably a good idea. My boss tends to question my motives when I take a sick day. But visual (and audible... audio?) aids convinced the guy that I indeed needed to go to the doctor. Lordy knows I sounded like a whispering Deep Throat. So I left... and commenced to spending a bunch of money. First to the pet store (outta dog food, but then I never leave without at least $20 in treats for the poog). Then to the grocery store (a gal needs things like kleenex and juice). And then. Then to the dreaded doctor's office. I hate this place. My doctor retired last year. He was always good about prescribing a double dose of antibiotics when I got sinus infections so that my co-pay was only charged once. Plus, he was prompt. Not this day. I actually fell asleep for half an hour in the waiting room. When I woke up (drool free!!), I went to the desk and asked the lady if they had forgotten about me. She was not nice. I was led into a little room, BP and temp taken by the nurse, then it was another 20 minutes waiting for Mr. Healer to show up. He tried to prescribe stuff that I hate, so I told him what I wanted. Talk about a puffer. I need a new doctor. Finally, I'm off to the pharmacy and then home.

The rest of the day I spent in front of the tv watching old Thin Man movies. But after awhile, one can even get tired of William Powell and Myrna Loy. So guess what I did? Yep, I did some yard work. Granted, not much. It's hard stumbling around in the heat when your ears are full of fluid and it feels like there's two pounds of jello in your head. But dammit, some stuff got done. And I got my recycling and trash out to the curb. Mission accomplished. At least partially.

And here it is Tuesday. I called in today. It's only 9:30 am and I'm already bored outta my frikkin' gourd again. So to my boss: if you think I enjoy my sick days, you couldn't be more wrong. I'm already thinking about going in for a half day. It's that or spending some quality time in my hammock with a good book letting the heat dry up some of the crap in my noggin.

What do you all do when you're at home ailing away? Especially when it's something where you don't exactly feel sick, like with all-over body aches, but something where you really should rest that thing on top of your shoulders? I'm so bored. Oh bother...

Hi Cootera:
I'm so sorry you're sick. Too bad it's not winter so you could watch movies in peace without the outdoors yelling at you to get some work done. When I'm sick I watch teen angst movies. It usually helps. And I like having no voice because it gives me that Brenda Vaccaro (remember her?) sexy sound.
I sit around and moan like Billy Crystal in "When Harry Met Sally." Just to feel sorry for myself. I am not a good sick person to be around.
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VofF~ Aw, it ain't so bad. But yeah, if it was winter, I'd be concocting some big pot of soup or something. Mmmm... souuuup. My voice sounds more like Marge Simpson on steroids after eating gravel. (And I was totally just thinking Brenda Morganstern and not Vaccaro). Nothing sexy about my voice right now.

Julie, that's one of my favorite movies. Mmmmm... mmmmm.... mmmmm... mmmmm... mmmmm... mmmmm... mmmmm? Mmmmm...
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