Saturday, October 21, 2006

Football Saturday

A post in which I write nothing pertinent or interesting (and completely rip off my friend Mush's writing style... for the first sentence only).

So, hey all. Thanks to those of you who still check in from time to time while I've been on my little 'break'. The new job is going well... just finished my sixth week yesterday. It's an ongoing lesson in bureaucracy, but once I capture the pace it'll go more smoothly. Until then, I'll continue bulldozing my way through things, pounding my head on my desk, and generally being surprised at how things works in The System. And in one year, ten and a half months, I'll be off probation (yes, there is a mandatory two-year probation period for this type of position). Crazy.

In other news, the Iowa Hawkeyes are playing a football game today. It's away, which is my favorite kind of Hawk game. I'm working at the bar and hope it'll be fun (read: good tips). A group of my friends/regulars is bringing in food which translates into "I don't have to eat another G's cheeseburger for lunch" and you don't understand the utter joy I feel because of that. And then, at 6:30 bartime, I get to plop my ass down and quaff some cold ones. Yep, Saturday at 6:30 is my absolute favorite time of the week when I'm staring the Rest Of My Weekend head-on.

Tomorrow a group of us are making dinner again for the homeless shelter. Yours truly is in charge of the scalloped potatoes. It's a fun thing to do. If the weather cooperates, I may try to mow the lawn one last time and plant my iris bulbs.

Wow... this is uber boring. My apologies for my first regular post in months reading like a "What I Did on Summer Vacation" paper. So what're you all doing on your Wheekend Vacation?

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