Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Thursday, everyone.

It is Thursday today, isn't it? I love this day. So without further ado:



Different Marks, by the by... Anyway, I'm just peased as plunch, clappy as a ham, etc etc etc. It'll be nice to celebrate with my friends tonight. And waking up this morning and peeking out the window made me squeal like a little pig.

I'm like the little old lady who lives next door. I think Mark once called me 'Gladys'... the watch-it-all neighbor on "Bewitched". You see, Mark and Victor have been on holiday (said in my best Audrey Hepburn impression) in Florence and Rome. They returned late last night and I went to bed knowing that when I woke up in the morning, they would once again be safely across the street. It's not quite 6:30 am and I have peeked out my window at their house no less than ten times to assure myself they are really home. Each time I see the bright light of the dining room it gives me a little trill of self-satisfaction. I'm just happy "my boys" are home and that I will get to see them tonight.

Note to M & V: Please come to George's tonight. And tell me how to make your back porch light STAY on... I meant to leave it on for you last night, but only put it on the timer. Oh, and don't take offense at the 'my boys' reference... the last few days, everyone has been asking "When do the boys get back?" Also, I may have overfed the fish. Greedy little bastard.

So, in short, today feels like Christmas to me. I am going to wear JEANS to work, by golly, damn the dress code, and I am going to leave EARLY. Oh yeah. Because today is Thursday, which always deserves celebration. Add the birthdays of two good friends and the return of my boys and I think we have a full-goose bozo whambo jamboree on our hands.

Enjoy the day, everyone!

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