Sunday, January 21, 2007

I got nuthin'...

Hey ho y'all! And how is everyone's New Year going so far, eh? Twenty-one days in, and I'm thinkin' it's going to be pretty ok. Good things, some not so good things. Here's what I've been up to:

Jan. 1: Didn't leave the house. I spent the entire day in my jammies, lovin' every minute of it.
Jan.5: I gave das poog his heartworm medication. Wow. He loves those pills slathered in butter.
Jan. 7: Dug a hole. See Jan. 9.
Jan. 9: I put my cat, Rufus, down, came home and buried him, and then went out and got absolutely shit-faced with my neighbor friends and the Rog. (I'd like to add that I could not have gotten through this without MAK, who not only drove us to the vet, but stayed with me the entire time AND helped plant Rufus).
Jan. 10: Had a fabulous dinner at 126 with Skippy and Larrietta.
Jan. 11: Went to the Iowa One Gala with Skippy, Mark, Victor and J... all to hear the very Reverend Al Green who kicked ASS. We did have to sit through some utter crap (like Tom Arnold and Pieta Brown) to get to the Reverend, though.
Jan. 12: Had lunch at Takanami with a professor from my department. Love, love, love bento boxes.
Jan. 14: Went to Victor and Mark's for a late lunch.
Jan. 15: Day off... J came over for cocktails before dinner. Started feeling a little punky that night.
Jan. 16: Left work early.
Jan. 17: Went to doctor. Ugh. Sinus infection #1 of the year. Laid me flat like a paper doll. Watched "Amelie" and LOVED it.
Jan. 18: Went to work; stupid. Discovered a $30k mistake in one of my budgets. Actually cried at work, then went home and felt like shit.
Jan. 19: Cancelled plans to see 'The Tribute' at the Englert due to how I felt on Thursday. Luckily, I felt almost normal, so left work early (had a meeting through lunch) and met up with a friend for a few drinks.
Yesterday: Worked at the bar, made money, hung out with Jason and MAK after, came home, ordered a stuffed pizza, watched "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and went to bed.

Today: It's sort of wide open. I feel just about 100%. It's snowing and is beautiful. The coffee is on, NYTimes Sunday puzzle is printed, cartoons are on, I'm on. Life is good. Larrietta and I are going to a movie this afternoon, and then we're going shopping for a new chair for me and a sofa for her. There's time enough tomorrow to worry about work problems, and I know that it will work out. Fingers crossed.

And that, in a mid-sized nutshell, is some of the stuff I've been doing. Not anything in particular to write home about, but there you have it. So now, at 8:15 on this lovely Sunday morning, it appears the snow has stopped, so I'm gonna go shovel. That second cup of coffee afterwards is going to taste fantastic!

Take care, all, and play nice. I promise to drop by for a visit soon.

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