Monday, January 01, 2007

In like a lamb...

All is cozy at Chez Cootera. It's early morning on the New Day. Das poog is talking to his food bowl, Rufus is under the sofa and Felix is on the back of the chair. I just noticed a text message on my phone from Mush (**smooches** I lurve you, sweetie!). There is fresh coffee from the Coop and I'm watching Season 2 of 'Family Guy'.

While last night was uneventful (I fell asleep on the couch at 9:30 and went to bed at 10:30), it was quite nice to wake up this morning without my brain keeping pulse. And I'm debating whether to even bother getting out of my jammies today. It's chilly and overcast, the heat is set at 72, and the only reason I would need to go to store (or anywhere) is to get supplies for enchiladas. But the pantry is full, so I may opt to make something else. It's a day of opportunity people!!

The opportunity to be lazy.
The opportunity to *maybe* work on my back bedroom.
The opportunity to FINALLY alphabetize my bookcase.

'Course, my friend D is having a little get-together at her house and I have yet to see it, so that might be a good reason to shower and join the human race. As yet, it's not even 8 a.m. and I just may hang out with the critters. Whatever I do today, it will be relaxing and mellow. There's time for the lion later.

So for all of you, I wish you a very Happy New Year and hope you have a lovely beginning to 2007 on this beautiful Monday!!

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