Saturday, March 17, 2007

They're heeee-eeere...

Last night after work I headed over to my mom and stepdad's new place to see if I could help out after the Big Move of the morning when professionals hauled ass across state with their furniture and personal belongings. A three story condo where my entire house would fit on any one level, I was amazed at the amount of STUFF in each room. And my sister thinks I'M a packrat.

Alas, with each move, things are left behind that must be collected later. In DICKWEED and MRS. FREENBEAN'S case, those 'things' are items like:

1. A plunger. Something you don't think about until you need it, and invariably, when you move to a new place, you're going to need it the FIRST NIGHT. Yep. Good thing there are four bathrooms, I guess.
2. Coffee filters. The beans, grinder, pot... all got moved. DICKWEED suggested that MRS. FREENBEAN use one cup of her bra as a filter. This did not go over well.
3. Shoes. Believe it or not, my mother brought ONE pair of shoes with her that she claims hurt her feet. Hmm. You're moving across the state and you bring ONE pair of shoes that don't feel good. WTF?
4. Ashtrays. Luckily, we're high class folk who don't mind using an empty beer can.
5. Table lamps. While there are overheads, who wants that on when you're trying to read a book before bedtime?

Trust me, there are many things they'll be going back for... possibly tomorrow. As my mom said, "We left the entire kitchen at the Dome Home and all of our clothes." I asked, what with professional movers and all, why the hell they'd leave things so basic. "The truck was full, honey." Ah yes, because along with all those little things you forget to bring, there are items that serve no value whatsoever and yet seem to make the final cut. Things like:

1. An old bannister, complete with newel posts, that MRS. FREENBEAN 'harvested' from an old farmhouse about twenty years ago. She just never knows when she's going to use it for something.
2. Two tables and a pie safe that, along with the bannister, are all going to be stored across the street from me in Mark and Victor's barn.
3. DICKWEED'S lava lamp and neon lights. See #5 above...
4. MRS. FREENBEAN'S giant ceramic giraffe, Penelope, who rode in the front seat of the car strapped in like the precious thang she is (my mom loves giraffes).
5. ALL of the televisions/DVD players, etc. I counted four tvs. What's up with that? Oh yeah. They needed one for the living room, one for their bedroom, one for DICKWEED's office and one for the guest bedroom. After all, it's important to have the Food Network broadcast in every room depending what level you're on...

Four hours later, after having a tug-of-war with my sister over where sofa #1 looked best, I felt like I'd been with them during the Big Move. So I chowed on pizza (off a paper plate), drank a few beers and departed, using Gus as my excuse. My dog comes in pretty darn handy sometimes. But I can't wait until they have the rest of their stuff here. Looks like my weekends are going to be booked for awhile.

And what did you all do last night?

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