Friday, May 25, 2007

Oh, the weather

Ah, the neglect. When the weather is beautiful, interior doings take a back seat to unfolding Nature. I've been lazy when it comes to some things, 'tis true. But the yard has half dozen or more new hostas, candida anemone, and an entire garden tilled and filled. Tomatoes, various peppers, basil, tarragon, cucumbers, squash... The Japanese tree lilacs and maple have been getting a trim, bit by bit. A Lincoln Highway artifact has found itself permanently attached to the back of the shed. I finally have a garden gnome, too! The remaining detritus from the fence-building of last summer has been removed, and four motel chairs have found a home in the backyard (two of which are in the process of being powder coated). Life is good at Chez Cootera, and the back yard is undergoing a transformation... I'm thinking along the lines of whimsical. Bird houses galore, wind chimes, you name it. I promise to take pictures, though the camera still needs a bigger memory card. I DID try to post a pic of a heap o' morels I had for dinner a few weeks ago, but there also appears to be a bug in my USB. When things clear up, slow down, enlarge and whatnot, I'll post again. Avec les fotos.

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