Sunday, July 15, 2007

It's mid-July already?

Wow... time flies. Hard to believe that it was two weeks ago three of us were on our way to KC. I had fully intended to post a little sumpin' sumpin' about it, but hey... what can I say. The Goo was great. We had seats right down in the front. We met great people. We ate great food. We had FUN. Beyond that, well, what happens in KCity stays in KCity. Right-o.

At the risk of boring you, my faithful few, here's another pic of my garden taken about half an hour ago:

'Tis lovely, yes? Some of my tomato plants are almost as tall as me. And with ten of 'em, I'll not be going without fresh salsa this summer. And gee, would a Sunday post be complete without a gratuitous pic o' the poog? I think not. Behold the Gus with his new collar:

Yeah, he's a sharp-dressed little guy. And now, I'm off. Got the NYT Sunday puzzle printed, cuppa good joe and 'toons on the tube. Adios until next time. Don't run with scissors.

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