Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Curious. Have you ever thought back on the reasons you started blogging and come to the conclusion those reasons have changed? I started based on a single conversation at the bar one night. A conversation that made me laugh out loud... and I thought to myself that Aha! A blog! would be a good place to share funny stories. Then it became personal. 'Twas inevitable, yes?

But, full circle, I find my blog becoming less and less about me or my inner workings and more and more about the external things. The not-too-personal things. Here's a picture of my dog, or my yard. Here's a picture of the ratatouille I made for dinner last night:

A wee bit blurry but oh so tasty.

Anyway, how has YOUR blog evolved? Or if it has been consistent, how have you managed to keep it "on track"? Have you thought about chucking it all and starting afresh? Do you find that you edit yourself for fear of hurting someone's feelings or that you just might give too much of yourself away? Let me know. Metamorphosis is imminent. Maybe...

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