Thursday, December 06, 2007

This quiet

So quiet. Bundled up. **schuff, schuff** Walking alone, quietly. It's delicious and cold. My thoughts linger on nothing. My mind hums its own song of fleeting mantras. Inside the hat, the hood and the quiet. Moving forward. **schuff, schuff** Looking up at the night sky with the snow falling so quietly. A universe raining stars.

This is for me. No one else. This quiet. This cold. This.


Winter is personal. It separates what needs to be split. It brings together what needs to be fused. Quietly. Breaking social trappings of summer and pairing with solitude. Embracing it. The cold. And the quiet.

This is for me. No one else. This time. This reflection. This.


The snow is still falling.

This is for me. This peacefulness. This solitude. This.

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