Monday, January 07, 2008

takin' a break from it all...

heh. here're some xrays of my elbow. i went to the doc last thursday and HAD to ask for a cd of these pretty pictures. the two pins are about 4.25" inches long, and that figure 8 metal thing holds them and some of the bone that splintered off in place. cool, eh? and get this: instead of being put in a permanent cast (after 3 long itchy weeks in the first one), they put me in a REMOVABLE splint! i can shower again, me peeps! i've started physical therapy and have roughly 20 degrees of motion. i go back on the 17th, and if all looks good, i may be out of casting altogether. keep your fingers crossed. in the meantime, i'm just hoping the swelling goes down... my hand looks like a frikkin' ham hock. truly disgusting. anyway, that's my good news for the new year. hope you all are enjoying a good start to your '08s!

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