Tuesday, April 15, 2008


A friend of mine sent me a link of some Flickr photos a friend of his had posted. I don't know his friend, though back in the day, I damn well should have. Circles were small then. And these pics revealed a horde of my friends from 'back then'. It was a punch in the gut. There I was at work, poring over grant accounts and general expense budgets, working on summer course approvals (that should have been done MONTHS ago except for the shifting whimsy of my faculty), when BOOM! This tiny blue underlined thang. That I clicked on. And was immediately transported to 1988... or somewhere thereabouts.

Take, for instance, this picture. The guy leaning on the bike is Hood. We never dated, but hung out a lot for awhile. I spent many an hour on the back of his bike. Too bad it's an old far-off photo and that he's wearing sunglasses. This guy had the most piercing eyes. I ran into him at Gabe's a gazillion years ago... he'd been in a motorcycle accident. Went airborne and through a billboard. They had to pull his face down from his forehead. We kept staring at each other across the bar, and he finally came over. "Hi, Angie." It took a minute. But his eyes were the same. I don't know what happened to him after that night.

The guy here is my ex-boyfriend, Simon. Foreground is Geoff, and I can't tell, but I think he's talking to Digger. That might be Christi with the red hair.
There is no point to this post. Just that I'm caught up in a time that doesn't exist anymore. Remembering that we all used to be young once. That seeing these pictures, these people... just makes me feel incredibly nostalgic for a time when I was young and stupid. And damn... I miss these people.

Angie! All our facebook Scrabble reminded me to check your blog. I had completely forgotten that you dated Simon. Wow. The passage of time sometimes overwhelms me.

I don't miss back then but am thankful that I have some very good friends from those times who liked me even though I was an emotionally stunted fool and don't hold it against me that I am now best described as the lovechild of Nile Crain and Dunder Mifflin's Kelly Kapur.
I guess I don't miss that time so much... but pockets of it. And it's so wild to think that 20 years have passed. Shouldn't I feel older?

Ha!! Perfect description!
We really aren't that old, if you think about it. I don't feel old so much as removed from my youth, if that makes any sense. I don't miss the impulse control issues of 21. Mostly what I miss is my youthful appearance. I'm vain like that.
I have had many a day like that one. Thinking about time that doesn't exist anymore. Confusing "remembering" with "missing."

There is a point to this piece.
And it's well made.

I will drink a toast to you and Hood this evening.
Thanks, V. That means a lot coming from you.
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