Monday, July 21, 2008

Nothin' new here, folks. The flood was declared "officially over" a week and a half ago. That, of course, only encompasses so much, don't you think? But it's a slow return to many toward whatever semblance of "normal" there was before.

Sunday was a big day here at Chez Cootera. I took out the trusty chainsaw and laid waste to the butt ugly bushes in front of my house. And THAT, my friends, was the easy party. Ozzie came over and began digging out the stumps. Victor, a man always willing to jump into the middle of hard labor, noticed the toiling going on (I was off to the side supervising and drinking a beer), and came over with a shovel. Those two guys got out three very deeply rooted stumps of the butt ugliest, nastiest bushes put on god's green earth! The only thing I liked about them were the hordes of little birdies living within, but they're resourceful little suckers methinks.

Any suggestions for replacements? I need to make up my mind pretty damn quick... not sure I want my little abode to be bald for too long. Something that stays colorful year round would be nice. And not something that bites (I've gotten rashes of pricklies just from brushing up against them while mowing). I believe we are in what is called Zone 5. The area stays in the shade through noonish, but it gets the full brunt of late afternoon sun (HOT). A mix of stuff would be nice. Anyway, I'll take any and all ideas from you, so let me know!

Rhododendrons are usually nice. They don't bloom for long but they stay green all year round.
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